Pactera's RPA Cloud Services

PACTERA’s RPA Cloud Services 

a Robotic Intelligence Automation under Cloud Services
Many enterprises today are recognizing the benefits of Digital Workforce like Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and are currently in the midst of understanding the best strategy for optimal implementation. Many Global Research Institutes claim that RPA is also the focus area and intend to invest in enterprises in the coming years.

Business Benefits from RPA Cloud Service

Quick ROI

Fast Implementation & Subscription model


Less prone to errors and functions with accuracy and uniformity


Repetitive tasks are performed in the same manner each time


Follows rules to provide audit free trial

Productivity Rate

Execution time much faster than manual process approach

No Coding Required

Programming skills are not necessary

Ease of Maintenance

Handle by Pactera’s Team, no need extra effort of internal IT

Cost Cutting Technology

Reduces the size of the manual workforce and hence reduce costs.


Pactera’s RPA on cloud service differentiates the traditional on-premise RPA by

  • 50% Faster Implementation – Template Approach

  • Monthly Subscription Model – No Capex

  • No burden on Hardware and Licence – Lower TCO

  • Pay as you go model for dedicated process – Excellent ROI

  • No extra effort to maintain RPA process – No FTE needed

Pactera's RPA Cloud Services

Better than

Non-Automation Process

by saving ...


Reduce Processing cost


Improve 3 years ROI

Better than

On-Premise Automation Process

by saving ...


Reduce Maintenance cost


Improve 3 years ROI

Comparison: RPA Cloud vs RPA On-Premises


RPA Cloud System & Business Operation Process

RPA Cloud System Module


Proven RPA Deployment Experience in Larger Enterprise Regionally




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